Tonerider P90

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Two P90 Pickup Sets that look as good as they sound!
  • Braided conductor wiring
  • Alnico magnets
  • Fibernoard bobbins and nickel-silver baseplates.
  • Laser-cut, hand-bevelled flatwork.
  • USA-made vintage hook-up wire for easy installation.
  • Foam and nickel-plated screws are included with every pickup.
  • All coils bound with fabric tape, removing the chance of damage.
  • All coils scatterwound on our 999-step CNC winding machines.
  • All coils wax-potted to avoid feedback at high-gain settings.
  • All sets are RWRP - offering noiseless operation in notch positions.
 Tonerider Rebel 90 Bridge Nickel 

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