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Sheptone Humbuckers

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Sheptone specializes in humbucker pickups modeled after the 1957-1961 long-magnet  gibson P.A.F.

First let me say that there is no such thing as a reproduced PAF because they all sounded different. There were many different sounds, because there were many different variables in the manufacturing process. Some of those old pickups didn't really sound that great. What can be done is to duplicate the sound of the "average" good sounding P.A.F. guitar pickups by duplicating the assembly process and materials, to consistently reproduce the tone of the best-sounding original P.A.F.'s

I have owned dozens of these original pickups and have even gone as far as taking one apart (without unwinding) in order to faithfully duplicate the original. That was not an easy task at the time due to the value of an original, untouched P.A.F. but it was necessary so that I can bring you the highest quality guitar pick ups possible. Sheptone tribute pickups capture that vintage sound but are versatile enough to use for just about any style of music.

I have also had the opportunity to rewind/repair over 100 of these pickups, and have taken extensive data from all of them including magnet strength, coil size, shape, offset, DC resistance per foot of the old 42PE, turns per layer, and amount of scatter. The old Leesona winder machines did not wind perfectly, at least from what I have found when unwinding broken coils turn-by-turn. There are some important things in the original Gibson assembly process and materials that contribute to the tone of these old pickups. I have duplicated these little known, seemingly trivial items, and found that they really make a difference when trying to achieve that perfect tone.

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