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Tonerider Birmingham Neck Black

Tonerider Birmingham Neck Black
Birmingham neck pickup black.

Birmingham, England meet Birmingham, Alabama! This new humbucker set delivers classic British crunch and huge mids, but also splits to a killer Southern single coil sound.r.

New for 2020! Huge mids – meet classic crunch! The Birmingham takes the best of your favourite 70s tones and slams them into one great humbucker set. Think Angus, Jimmy, Tony and the rest!

The bridge pickup is overwound by 5% to just under 9k, giving plenty of power, a prominent midrange, all while retaining chimey, detailed highs. When split to a single coil or run in parallel, this pickup excels at single coil tones, without the massive volume drop that plague some humbuckers.

The neck pickup is underwound by 5% to just over 7k, offering great clarity, and ensuring this set has two distinct neck and bridge sounds. The neck split sound is full, round and sustains well.

Color: Black.
Position: Neck
Features: Four-conductor wiring as standard.
DC Resistance: 7.2k
Magnets: Alnico 5

Tonerider Birmingham Neck Black Tonerider Birmingham Neck Black  
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