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Tonepros 7 String Tune-O-Matic Krom

Tonepros 7 String Tune-O-Matic Krom
This is the new 7 string locking version of the standard Tune-O-Matic bridge that secures solidly to your guitar and won't come loose or fall off when the strings are off. This TonePros System II bridge is the same that you will find installed on the top new guitars direct from the factory and will look identical to your stock piece because it's made from the actual OEM bridge used on your guitar, but the new version locks in solid creating perfect intonation and singing sustain. You won't believe the difference, and you will never go back! Chrome  finish.

Important Dimensions:
TonePros Metric (Metric Thread) 7 String Tune-O-Matic Bridge
Thread = 8mm x 1.25 Metric
Post to Post Spacing = 84.5mm
Saddle Notch = Pre-Notched Saddles
Saddle Material = Zmac
Bridge Material = Zmac
Post/Thumbwheel Material = Brass
Radius = 14 inch
String Spread = Approx. 10.4mm
Post Cap Width = .23 Inches/ 6mm (Metric Flathead Post Top)

Tonepros 7 String Tune-O-Matic Krom    
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